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Like Vodka & Coke

      Kamna Patel  is having a final fling in Wellington before finishing her whirlwind, dream tour of New Zealand. Michael McCluskey is drinking to make his old work mates, and his life, appear more interesting. Two amorous souls become entwined in an elevator and beyond. The perfect one night stand is about to become her perfect nightmare. Kamna, the Hindu, has fallen pregnant to Michael the Catholic, but she doesn’t know he’s a Catholic or even his name. Individually they journey on a discovery of themselves, both touched by one night of magic.

      Kamna returns to her old flat, and bona fide Eastend slapper pal Sharon, in Lewisham. On board the flight to London is Tom, Michael’s best friend, off to join his adorable lady, Donna, in Stratford. For Kamna, there’s parents to negotiate, a job to find, and a decision to make. For Tom, a bit of catching up. And as for Michael all things seem grey, but for the memory of Kamna, kumbaya!

      A lucky break for our lead lady sees her with increasingly attractive modelling assignments, and Pravind, who is everything but spicy. Tom’s allegiance to his Catholic faith is causing cracks in his idyllic relationship, while Michael has all the boredom he can take and is heading for London post haste.

      When Pravind discovers her pregnancy, and Tom finds a kindred spirit just as Michael arrives, all hopes of happiness seem laid bare, until one fateful weekend changes all their lives, challenges all their personal beliefs, and questions whether love can prevail.

      Like Vodka & Coke has been published by Manaia Enterprises in late 2015. The first 7 chapters are revealed here as a teaser.

      The sequel to Like Vodka & Coke is already well underway!

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